Top reasons why your AC isn’t working

Neeraj Arora
2 min readJul 11, 2022

It’s quite frustrating when AC stops working in the middle of summer. That scorching heat simply annoys you and brings discomfort to you. Quick AC repair is definitely a thing that you would go with. However, it’s better to know some probable reasons for your AC not working.

So, what are the most probable reasons that your AC has stopped working? Knowing them would help you stay away from them. Our experts list them out. Check them out below.

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Probable reasons why your AC has stopped working

Readout some of the most probable reasons why your AC has stopped working below.

1. Dirty air filter: This is the most common reason for the AC not working. Homeowners usually neglect the air filter and don’t get that changed at regular intervals, which eventually results in a clogged and dirty air filter. It’s better to get your air filter changed at regular intervals.

Hence, the first thing that you need to check when your AC stops working; the air filter.

2. Thermostat issues: This is another probable reasons why your AC isn’t working anymore. Incorrect calibration of the thermostat is a reason that doesn’t allow your AC to receive the correct instructions.

Hence, ensure that your thermostat is correctly calibrated. If possible, try using the advanced automated thermostats.

3. Tripped circuit breaker: The overloading often causes the circuit breaker to get tripped, which might cause your AC to stop working. Checkout the breaker box and see if the circuit is tripped. Try disconnecting the equipment that you feel might be causing problems.

4. Dirty coils: This is another probable reason for your AC not working at all. The HVAC system not being serviced on the regular basis causes both, the indoor and outdoor coils to get dirty, which prevents your entire HVAC system from working efficiently. It’s better to get the system serviced on a timely basis to avoid any sort of discomfort in the scorching heat.

5. Leaks: The water or coolant leak is another probable reason for your air conditioner not working at all. Leaks even result in high power consumption and high energy bills. It’s better to contact experts immediately if you notice water or coolant leaks from the system.

These are some probable reasons why your AC isn’t working. If your system has stopped working and if you are looking for AC repair in Mississauga, you aren’t required to look further than One Touch. Our team of experts ensures that you get the best and quick AC repair services. To connect with our top-rated team, contact our AC repair experts at 416–844–4783.

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