Top reasons why your AC is leaking water

Neeraj Arora
2 min readAug 1, 2022

AC leaking water is one of the most common and major problems for homeowners. If ignored, it might not only cause AC to stop working, but also invite some unfortunate incidents. Hence, it’s necessary that you get your AC inspected and repaired by professionals in no time when you notice water leaks from it.

Why does your AC leak water?

So, what are the common reasons that your AC is leaking water? Read them out below.

1)Dirt in the air filters: This is one of the major reasons for your AC leaking filter. The dirt in the air filter makes it clogged and hence builds up the ice. Also, it would restrict the airflow. You can check your air filter, and see if the dirt has acquired the AC and if you see the same, it might be a strong reason for your AC leaking water.

2)Broken or clogged condenser: Condensers force the water out of your home. However, a broken condenser would mean a hindrance to its functionality, and hence instead of going out, the water might be leaking from your AC in your home itself. If the condenser pump is broken or clogged, chances are quite rare that the water will be forced out of your home.

3)Refrigerant level: Refrigerant turns warm air into cool air. However, when the refrigerant level goes low, it might result in ice formation and frequent ice formations would mean water leakage. Hence, a low refrigerant level is one strong reason for your AC leaking water.

4)Incorrect AC installation: Correct AC installation is essential to ensure that your AC works efficiently. Incorrect AC installation is another reason why your AC won’t be able to function with full efficiency, hence leaking water.

These are some come reasons why your AC might be leaking water. If you desire to get more information, or if you are looking for the best ac repair in Brampton, you aren’t required to look further than our experts. We ensure that you get the best AC repair services in no time. To connect with our Air conditioner repair experts, call us at 416–844–4783.

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